Make Elegant Boxes with the Dovetail Spline Kit from Infinity Tools

Ralph walks you through how easy it is to make simple, but spectacular boxes using the Dovetail Spline Kit from Infinity Tools. In this project, you will learn how prepare your stock, miter corners and learn the secret behind just how the dovetail spline kit works!

Tools featured in this video review:

Dovetail Spline Kit  #100-045.MTDS 

Super General Saw Blade #010-044  

MicroJig GRR-RIPPER #MJG-200  

MicroJig Dado Stop #MJG-MDS  

Chamfer Bits  #36-920  

Pro Coping Sled #COP-100  

Bessey K Body Jr Clamp #100-735  

Flute and Bead Bit Set #55-701   

Rockler's Custom Knob and Pull Kits

This is our "No Way We Can Be Unbiased" review of Rockler's New Custom Pull Kits. While we always try to give you the best possible info in a review, Ralph created the idea for these pull kits and Rockler is manufacturing and selling them under license. Very exciting for us, but you certainly need to know this when watching the review! These pull kits work like a pen turning kit, so you probably have most of the items you need to create custom pulls and knobs for your projects. Choose from Traditional or Modern styles.

Custom Knob Kits: Traditional or Modern

Custom Pull Kits: Traditional or Modern

GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Kit from Micro Jig

This video is a first look review of the new Gravity Heel accessory for Micro Jig's GRR-RIPPER. The Gravity Heel is a significant upgrade of the trailing hook that comes with the handle bridge kit. Like the trailing hook, it adds a physical pusher below the GRR-RIPPER, but it retracts when the GRR-RIPPER is on top of a piece of stock, allowing it to be used 'hand over hand'.

Gravity Heel Kit

Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide

One of the best ways to upgrade your table saw is to replace the factory miter gauge with an aftermarket upgrade. There are many choices, but the Osborne EB-3 is the only one that isn't based on the traditional protractor design.

Is it really as good as they claim? Osborne Manufacturing provided us with one and we have been using it for a couple months in the shop. Watch the video to see if it really is a new way to work.

Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide

Crosscut Blade Comparison, Under $80

Both Irwin Marples and Freud recently sent us their new crosscut blade offerings, so we decided that a head to head comparison was in order. Watch as Ralph tests their cut quality on both the miter saw and table saw in different woods, and compares them for features. Both blades sell for under $80.00 USD. 

Irwin Blade- Amazon     Irwin Blade- Rockler
Freud Blade- Amazon