Table Saw Molding Head- Part 1

Molding head cutters for table saws are not common, so can you know if one is a good fit for your wood shop?

In this first video Ralph will explain what choices you have, how they work, and explain the safety aspects.

Watch for part two, where Ralph shows you what molding heads excel at.

Corob Cutters Molding Head

Shop-Built PC 890 Height Adjust Handle

When I recently mounted my PC 890 router in a new router table, I could not find the height adjust handle that PC sells for it. But it turns out that the pins for the lock and the height adjust screw are actually 3/16" allen wrench size and shape! After spending under $10.00 at the hardware store and about 30 minutes in my shop, I have a fully functional handle and you can too.

Lamination Bending Part 3: Using a Vacuum Press

Previously I showed you how to form bent parts from thin laminations using a two-sided form and a single-sided form, relying on clamps to hold the shape. In this video, I show you how to form your stock using a vacuum press. Vacuum pressing has the advantage of applying even pressure across the entire part eliminating voids and pressure points. 

Roarockit Thin Air Press (as seen in the video)