Shop-Built PC 890 Height Adjust Handle

When I recently mounted my PC 890 router in a new router table, I could not find the height adjust handle that PC sells for it. But it turns out that the pins for the lock and the height adjust screw are actually 3/16" allen wrench size and shape! After spending under $10.00 at the hardware store and about 30 minutes in my shop, I have a fully functional handle and you can too.

Lamination Bending Part 3: Using a Vacuum Press

Previously I showed you how to form bent parts from thin laminations using a two-sided form and a single-sided form, relying on clamps to hold the shape. In this video, I show you how to form your stock using a vacuum press. Vacuum pressing has the advantage of applying even pressure across the entire part eliminating voids and pressure points. 

Roarockit Thin Air Press (as seen in the video)