Here, We'll share with you tips and tricks to get more from your machine as well as programming tips and advice using VCarve Pro. 

Ralph has been programming, operating, training and servicing CNCs for over 20 years. Currently, he owns an early version of Rockler's CNC Shark. Even if you own a different brand CNC, much of the info here will prove useful. 


Benchtop CNC Spoilboard

A properly designed spoilboard not only protects the factory table of your CNC when you need to cut through a part, but can also be surfaced to present a work surface that is exactly parallel to the plane of the head. Watch the video to learn how to make one quickly and easily with built-in T-Slots for clamping.

Adding Profile Tools to VCarve Pro's Tool Database

Adding profile tools to the database in VCarve Pro is not that difficult and allows for more precise viewing of the end result in Preview Mode. 

Learn how in this quick video.

Secondary Operations with the CNC Shark

Sometimes you just need to recut a part or mill a second face. In this video, I show you how to accurately locate the part for a "second bite at the apple."