Build a Drop-Leaf Sofa Table - Includes Free Plans!

Download your free plans and follow along with Ralph as he walks you through how to create this elegant drop-leaf sofa table. Learn to make the drop-leaf joint that makes this adjustable and versatile table perfect to place behind any size sofa. 

A little planning and a good set of cove and bead cutters make creating this solid wood sofa table a breeze!

Freud Drop Leaf Bit Set

Rockler Drop Leaf Hinges

Optimize Your Table Saw for Maximum Performance

Watch Ralph's presentation from the February 2018 Hartville Tool show on table saw optimization. 

A properly tuned and set up table saw is safer to use, produces cleaner, more accurate cuts, and lets you focus on your work, making your shop time more pleasant and productive.

Make your shop more productive and get your very best work out of your table saw. In this presentation, Ralph shares his more than 30 years of professional shop experience with you to help you get your very best work out of your table saw. 

Thanks to Hartville Hardware & Lumber for hosting the event and filming the session. Thanks also to Micro Jig for their support.


Build a Blade Storage Box

Whether you use just a few or a wide array of blades with your table saw, it can be challenging to keep them stored safely away, protecting their fragile carbon teeth while keeping them easily accessible. Woodcademy’s Table Saw Blade Box allows you to find the blade you need instantly and change blades as needed with minimal down time.

Our blade box is easy to make in a weekend, and we show you how to make yours the size you need using common, inexpensive materials.

Download free drawings and a cut list and make this cabinet for your shop.

Links to tools used in this video:

Freud Box Joint Cutter Set-

Freud Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade-

MicroJig GRR-RIPPER Advanced Push Block-



Build a Router Bit Cabinet

If you're anything like us, you spend more on bits than routers - a lot more. Ralph created this router bit storage cabinet for the Woodcademy shop to better organize his router bits and extend their life. The router bit cabinet featured in this video can help you protect your investment and find the bits and accessories you need quickly.

Download free drawings and a cut list and make this cabinet for your shop.

Links to tools used in this video:

Freud Glue Line Rip Blade-
Freud Ultimate Cut Off Blade-
Freud SBOX 8 Box Joint Set-
Freud Lock Miter Bit-
MicroJig GRR-RIPPER GR200-
Rockler Bandy Clamps-
Bessey Revo Cabinet Clamps-

Table Saw Molding Head- Part 1

Molding head cutters for table saws are not common, so can you know if one is a good fit for your wood shop?

In this first video Ralph will explain what choices you have, how they work, and explain the safety aspects.

Watch for part two, where Ralph shows you what molding heads excel at.

Corob Cutters Molding Head

Shop-Built PC 890 Height Adjust Handle

When I recently mounted my PC 890 router in a new router table, I could not find the height adjust handle that PC sells for it. But it turns out that the pins for the lock and the height adjust screw are actually 3/16" allen wrench size and shape! After spending under $10.00 at the hardware store and about 30 minutes in my shop, I have a fully functional handle and you can too.

Lamination Bending Part 3: Using a Vacuum Press

Previously I showed you how to form bent parts from thin laminations using a two-sided form and a single-sided form, relying on clamps to hold the shape. In this video, I show you how to form your stock using a vacuum press. Vacuum pressing has the advantage of applying even pressure across the entire part eliminating voids and pressure points. 

Roarockit Thin Air Press (as seen in the video)