Make Elegant Boxes with the Dovetail Spline Kit from Infinity Tools

Ralph walks you through how easy it is to make simple, but spectacular boxes using the Dovetail Spline Kit from Infinity Tools. In this project, you will learn how prepare your stock, miter corners and learn the secret behind just how the dovetail spline kit works!

Tools featured in this video review:

Dovetail Spline Kit  #100-045.MTDS 

Super General Saw Blade #010-044  

MicroJig GRR-RIPPER #MJG-200  

MicroJig Dado Stop #MJG-MDS  

Chamfer Bits  #36-920  

Pro Coping Sled #COP-100  

Bessey K Body Jr Clamp #100-735  

Flute and Bead Bit Set #55-701