Episodes 1-2: Folding Breakfast Tray

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Our premier project takes woodworkers through process of building a Folding Breakfast Tray modeled on breakfast trays featured in the BBC/PBS Series, "Downton Abbey". Episode 1 takes you step by step through stock selection and preparation, gluing up the tray, turning the legs and making all the parts. Episode 2 covers building the sub-assemblies, assembling the tray, and finishing.

You can download this free plan set and follow along as you watch the two episodes. 38 pages long with full color photographs and measured drawings, this free set of plans contain all the info you need to make your own Breakfast Tray.


"When watching a new show of this nature I often need to make allowances because the production often isn't great and you just know things will improve. In the case of Woodcademy, no such allowances are necessary, it is that well done.

I especially liked the "Pro-Tips" hints on improving work. Looking forward to a lot more!"

                  - Amazon Viewer Phil Thien, jpthien.com


5-Star rated Woodcademy TV on Amazon Prime.

5-Star rated Woodcademy TV on Amazon Prime.