Episodes 5 & 6: Triptych Dressing Mirror

S2 E5 Triptych Dressing Mirror

This Edwardian style dressing mirror is an excellent opportunity to learn some highly useful milling techniques at the router table. Episode 5 covers making the frames for the mirrors and how to order the shaped mirrors from a glass supplier. The mirror frames are profiled on the front face rather than the outer edges, requiring some new skills at the router table. Templates and hand tools see extensive use to create well-fitted miters that cannot be made using machines.

In Episode 6, the use of templates continues as the base of the mirror is built, particularly with assembling the drawers correctly. You will also learn how to adapt your lathe to a drum sander to shape the drawer fronts.

A big thanks to Infinity Tools for supplying the bits used in molding and shaping the frames! Our free downloadable plans include links to all the bits used.

Episode 4: Miter Gauge Upgrade

Make your gauge a precision tool.

The miter gauge that came with your table saw is likely pretty poor, but that does not mean you are forced to buy a high end aftermarket unit. In this episode we will show you how to clean and tune your gauge and how to add set screws to fit the miter bar properly in your saw’s miter slot.

We then show you how to make a professional grade auxiliary fence to turn your miter gauge into a precision cross cutting tool. And we will show how to use a common office protractor to set any angle quickly and accurately.

Downloadable free plans show you how to accurize your miter gauge and build the auxiliary fence.

MicroJig’s Dovetail Hardware Kit

Episode 3: Backgammon Game Set

S2E3 Beauty 2.jpg

Veneering can be intimidating, but it does not need to be! As host Ralph Bagnall walks you through the design and build of this attractive Backgammon set, he will share a number of tips and tricks to simplify the veneering process and help you get great results the first time without needing specialized glues or equipment.

Instructions are included for turning your own playing pieces and dice cup, but if you do not have a lathe, these can be easily purchased along with the dice.

As always, a full set of plans are available for you to download so you can follow along with the show and build your own custom Backgammon Game.

Episodes 1 & 2: Folding Router Table

Woodcademy TV’s premiere project for Season 2 is a redesign of our popular folding router table. Episode 1 walks you through the design, frame build and creation of a custom pivot and locking mechanism for folding and transporting this unique folding router table design.

Episode 2 guides viewers through adding a router lift and miter slot to the router table top, making the aluminum bodies fence and creating a tool section to keep your router table organized and everything you need at your fingertips. - even on the go!

Our updated and improved folding router table plans are available FREE for download to follow along with the show and build one for your shop, including full hardware lists and sources of supply.