There are always new people taking up woodworking, and sometimes they need a bit of help getting up to speed on some techniques and equipment. Even veterans sometimes need a skill building boost!

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Video Tutorials

Finishing Small Parts

How do you keep small parts from sticking when spraying finish? Properly prepared aluminum foil makes it easy.


Shop-Built PC 890 Height Adjust Handle

When I recently mounted my PC 890 router in a new router table, I could not find the height adjust handle that PC sells for it. But it turns out that the pins for the lock and the height adjust screw are actually 3/16" allen wrench size and shape! So spending less than $10.00 at the hardware store and 30 minutes in my shop, I have a fully functional handle and you can too.

Simple Hole Pattern Drilling

Drilling a pattern of holes (an array) accurately does not have to be complicated. This video shows you how to do it on your drill press using a few blocks of scrap.

Ripping Small Moldings Safely

Safely and cleanly ripping small moldings requires thoughtful set up and the right tools. I show you how to configure the GRR-RIPPER GR-200 to efficiently cut a 3/8 by 1/4 inch molding I needed for a recent project.

Make a Crosscut Clamp for Your Miter Gage

Crosscutting small parts at the table saw doesn't HAVE to be a risk to your fingers. In this video, Ralph shows you how to use Rockler's Auto Lock Clamps to create a clamp to hold these small parts safely.

Lamination Bending Series Part 1: Double Form Clamping

Clamping thin strips between forms can create bent wood pieces with tight radii and reversing curves.




Lamination Bending Part 2: Single Form Clamping

Part 2 of 3, this video shows how to laminate bent wood parts on a form as well as the easiest and fastest way to edge the finished part and mill it to width.


Lamination Bending Part 3: Using a Vacuum Press

Previously I showed you how to form bent parts from thin laminations using a two-sided form and a single-sided form, relying on clamps to hold the shape. In this video, I show you how to form your stock using a vacuum press. Vacuum pressing has the advantage of applying even pressure across the entire part eliminating voids and pressure points. 

Pre-Bending Parts for Easy Laminating

I've shown you how to laminate thin strips into bent-wood parts, but these thin strips are liable to crack in tight bends. You can pre-bend the stack BEFORE gluing to greatly improve your results.

Kerf Bending Wooden Stock

Cutting a series of kerfs in the back of a board allows you to form it around curves. Watch the video and learn this easy technique for bending solid stock and plywood.

Simple Steam Bending

Steam Bending does not have to be intimidating! Learn the basics with these simple pieces and you'll be able to move on to more involved projects.

Shop-Made Geometric Inlay Banding

In a previous video I showed you how to make cross band mahogany inlay banding, now you can learn to make a more complex geometric design using common shop tools. The field is made of Walnut and Maple, but any starkly contrasting woods will work.